Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Fantastic Typewritten Letter

1934 Smith-Corona
I've previously mentioned that the actor, writer, and producer Tom Hanks collects and regularly uses manual typewriters.  Recently he wrote an excellent article in the NY Times titled, "I Am TOM. I like to TYPE.  Hear That?" In which he goes on to tells us all the different reasons he enjoys pounding away on an old manual.  It is an excellent piece.  So recently I was amused to see his funny response to the folks from Nerdist when they gave Mr. Hanks a 1934 Smith-Corona manual typewriter as a gift in an effort to get him on their show.  Here's his hilarious typewritten response to the folks at Nerdist:


A great sport and not a bad gift either.  A 1934 Smith Corona is a nice typewriter.  If you get the chance, read his piece in the NY Times.  Because, rather if it is a manual typewriter or a fountain pen, taking the time to put something down on a piece of paper and throwing it in the post is worth your time -- and often well received.