Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Live First, Then Write...Not the Other Way Around

Today I read a nice, short article on the Atlantic by Jon Reiner titled, "Live First, Write Later: The Case for Less Creative-Writing Schooling."  In it he discusses his initial shock, then envy, and finally, understanding of how a young writer whose work he edited, while still rough was selected for publication for The New Yorker online.  Reiner realizes how much experience matters:

''After I was talked down from the ledge by a patient friend, however, I realized that the student's scenario represented something I believe about the essence of good writing: experience matters. And, unintentionally, his success illuminated how the process of teaching writing to aspirants is often misguided or flat-out wrong.''

It was another reminder, for me at least, that you have to get your writing out there -- let others decide if they like it or not.   Listen to feedback, edit and rewrite -- and then rewrite some more.  

You'll be able to read it in 5-8 minutes; it is short and worth your time, particularly if you've ever thought about taking a writing course.  You'll find it here.

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