Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do You Want To Read More?

Occasionally I'm asked how I'm able to read so much.  Speed-reading -- no.   Skimming -- sometimes.  Like many things, we accomplish what we make a priority.  Reading just happens to be one of my priorities. A few things, however, will probably help you make more time for reading.

1.  The internet can be a time suck.  Seriously.  Ask yourself how often you've got online, only to click on a link, then click on another, then suddenly you are following crumbs down a hallway, link to link and now you've been "surfing" for an hour, maybe more.  Try -- yes it is hard -- to focus your online reading (e.g., click only through your favorites or your news feed) so you can leave time for a good ol' book.

2.  Always have a book handy.  How many times have you been in a line or sitting in a traffic jam -- absolutely still -- but you didn't have anything to do?  I've read a book in the DMV line (California has LONG lines), in a 20min traffic jam, and more.  Just have a book handy.

3. The bathroom.  Duh.

4. For my military peers:  I don't think it is unreasonable to carve out some time to read during the workday.  Something on naval history?  Military biography?  Absolutely.   

5. Finally, books on CD.  If your commute is a beast -- like it is for many folks in major cities, then books on CD are fantastic.  Give it a try.

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