Monday, March 4, 2013

Up Next

     I've ordered two books this week.  One is P.W. Singer's Wired for War, the other is Max Boot's Invisible Armies.  Boot's book is a door stopper, so I've heard.  I'll probably blog about individual chapters.  P.W. Singer's book is on the Navy's reading list.  I need to read more about cyber and UAVs and how they are being used in today's battlespace.  Those are both weak spots for me.

     I finished Geoffrey Household's Rogue Male yesterday.  I came upon Household's fantastic thriller/psychological adventure tale by one of my favorite readers and writers -- Mr. Michael Dirda.  There's something to be said about a great book critic.  Mr. Dirda has written for the Washington Post for over 30 years, reviewing books weekly. He has made me a broader reader.  His book recommendations are wide and varied.  And what makes him so special is his ability to make reading seem so exciting, so fantastic.  He is a great salesman for used bookstores.  And frankly, he is a great salesman for any book he enjoys -- new or old.  He enjoys, thankfully, reviewing and reading some old titles that are fantastic, but that most people don't know about.  Many people still get caught in the top 100 titles of the day -- the 50 Shades of Grays and the James Pattersons --  the mass market paperbacks.  Many of which, yes, might be great reads.  But there's so much more.  So I have to give credit where it's due.  Thank you Mr. Dirda for the book recommendation.  A book review will follow soon.

     I'm also reading a short biography on Marine Lieutenant General Victor Krulak.  I don't know anything about the man.  I've only heard his name a few times, and I'm aware he wrote a short book on the history of the Marine Corps.  But I saw the book, Brute, on top a stack of books at my favorite used bookstore this past weekend, so I grabbed it and placed it on the counter with my other finds (i.e., a book on introverts and a book of criticism by John Updike).  Lots of reading to get to.  Should be exciting.  I'll tell you how it turns out.

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